An English Church in Phuket? Is it boring?

Are you looking for an english church in Phuket?

Some people find church boring, irrelevant, judgmental or strange. For a few, it is a lot worse.  But for many, church is actually the complete opposite.

What is it that causes some people to spend some of their time on a given Sunday, sitting in a church service, instead of sleeping in bed or spending the time at the beach?  I think the answer lies in the fact that there is something about church that is worth it to them.  Church has value to them.  There is something that the church offers that you can’t get anywhere else.

For some, the value is in the community that it offers.  It is a place where you feel like you belong.  A place where you can have authentic friendship with others, that goes beyond the typical conversation about the weather or the latest gadget.

For others, the value is in the encouragement they receive.  Life is not easy.  We face struggle all the time, whether it comes from work, family or within ourselves.  Church is a place where your hope is renewed.   Sometimes you need a word just to keep going and not give up.

For still others, the value is in the spiritual guidance they receive.  Many people are on a spiritual sojourn.  They realize that there is more to this life than what can be obtained in the physical realm alone.

Or lastly, for some people the value is in being a part of something that is making a difference in this world.  People want to know that their life counts for something.  That they are making a contribution that makes this world a better place.

Ultimately, the church is about people.  It is about offering belonging, hope, guidance, influence, and so much more.  This may not have been your experience in the past.  But it can be a your experience now.

At All Nations Church Phuket, you won’t find perfect people.  But hopefully you will find people who are on the way to being all that God wants them to be.  If you are looking for an english church in Phuket – we invite you to check us out.

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